E-max Lamina Veneers

By eliminating the esthetic problems such as stains, diestama (gaps between the teeth), and bad alignment, you get your aligned, white aesthetic teeth. In this way, the patient’s full satisfaction is ensured.

One of the most demanded procedures for smile aesthetics today is superficial dental veneers, also known as veneers, leaf veneers, laminated tooth veneers.

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Procedure of Dental Veneers:

Before the procedure is performed with local anesthesia, damage to the teeth is determined by examinations.

If necessary before the procedure; Root canal treatment is completed, gingival problems are solved, tooth decay are cleaned, impacted teeth are pulled and fillings (obturation) are made.

The teeth to be covered with laminated leaves are filed superficially.

The patient chooses the color of the veneers. Models prepared with molds taken with pastes are sent to the laboratory to prepare the coatings.

In the rehearsals, the teeth are arranged according to the wishes and needs of the patient.

After one week, the prepared laminated coatings are placed mechanically and chemically.

What Are The Advantages Of Dental Veneers?

With laminated dental veneers, teeth are remodeled according to the patient’s wishes and needs.

The treatment is completed within a week.

The teeth are filed superficially to insert the laminated leaves.

What Should Be Considered After Applying Porcelain Laminate?

Standard oral care should be taken in order to ensure oral care, which includes routine brushing and the use of dental floss or an interface brush. In addition, care should be taken to keep the joint areas of the tooth and laminate clean. Avoiding the consumption of hard shell foods that can also damage natural teeth is effective both in maintaining the health of natural teeth and in preventing the shortening of the life of porcelain lamina application. Regular visits to the dentist can also significantly affect the life of the prosthesis. 

Thanks to regular check-ups, various negative conditions, such as changes in the distribution of loads on the teeth or the onset of caries, can be detected at an early stage. In this way, it is possible to prevent these factors from negatively affecting the life of teeth or prostheses to a significant extent.