Face & Neck Lifting

If you want to refresh and rejuvanate your face and even stop the time, facelift surgery might suitable. In facelift surgery, not only face area bout sagging face and neck skin and fat depositions below the chin are removed and whole face can be rejuvanated and refreshed.

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Who can have facelift?

As with all other aesthetic operations, facelift surgery must also be decided personally. A facelift operation decided under the pressure or desire of another person will make it very difficult for you to have healthy feedback. If you are making this decision on your own, if you don’t have any chronic or different disease and you are not a smoker, you can have facelift surgery.

How facelift operation is performed?

You should share all your medical history, medication, drug allergies and all other information with your doctor during the examination. Our doctor will evaluate you with all information obtained. All details that should be done before the surgery will be shared with you after the examination. Interview and examination prior to the operation and the trust of the patient for their doctor are as important as the facelift procedure itself. 

That is why it is beneficial that the doctor and patient ask mutual questions to one another. Your doctor will answer your questions about facelift and addresses the methods to be used. Measures your face. At this stage, you can get information from your doctor about potential risks and complication.

Please rest the night before the facelift and plan for work and home for after the surgery. You may need help; although facelift is a simple operation as per our experience, if you need to stay in the hospital due to an adverse event, arrange a family member or a friend to accompany you at the hospital.