Manuel Fue Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant is an aesthetic hair follicle transplant operation that is performed under local anesthesia to permanently treat hair loss and baldness.

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Hair loss can have many different causes and hair loss; You may experience thinning, hairline regression, gap at the temples, or total baldness. Although hair transplantation is still a topic of interest to men, the number of women who benefit from hair loss and male pattern baldness is increasing by the day.

The FUE hair transplant is the most successful and permanent method developed against hair loss, which allows us to achieve the best results in hair transplantation, regardless of the reason.

All Stages Of The Hair Transplant FUE

Before The FUE Hair Transplant WAS

Working with the best FUE hair transplant clinic half means ensuring success in hair transplant FUE. The FUE hair transplantation in patients with worried in all aspects and with all the details and expectations to inform the best way.

As a Beta Health Group, in our opinion, the most important thing to do before FUE Hair Transplantation is to clearly understand the patient’s expectations regarding Hair Transplantation, inform the patient about how closely this expectation can be achieved with the current donor area and be open and honest in this regard.

At this point, the online consultation comes to the fore with the question of who can undergo a hair transplant FUE.

FUE Hair Transplant Planning / Number Of Grafts

Hair transplant planning can be summarized in dividing the grafts that will be collected from the donor area to the recipient area, which becomes bald or sparse with hair loss.

Planning is the most important stage in the hair transplant, which provides natural results and better evaluation of existing hair. It requires an engineering approach with an artistic and aesthetic point of view.

If the planning is done well in t rasplante FUE hair, the result tends to be exactly what we want and hair transplant given as a result of patient satisfaction.

FUE Hair Transplant Hairline

After determining the number of grafts to be harvested, determining the location of the hairline facilitates the distribution of the harvested graft.

The hairline should be neither too far back nor too far forward. A hairline aesthetically compatible with the face of the person, natural and useful in terms of the direction of the hair we can achieve the best results in the hair transplant.